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Experience the leadership that’s ignited a resurgence of hope and prosperity in Florida, now ready to take the national stage. Governor Ron DeSantis has championed policies that put Americans first and paved the way for unprecedented growth and opportunity.

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Elevating Leadership, Ensuring Prosperity

Vote for President Ron DeSantis GO USA 2024 is a grassroots movement dedicated to propelling Governor Ron DeSantis to the White House. Our platform is built on the foundation of his successful tenure in Florida – a testament to effective governance. We stand for economic vitality, educational excellence, and a sovereign America that shines as a global beacon of hope and democracy.


What We Offer: Your Gateway to Making a Difference

Stay informed about Ron DeSantis’s policies and how they’ll shape America’s future.

Volunteer Coordination

Join our passionate team on the ground and make your voice heard.

Voter Registration Assistance

Ensure you're ready to vote and your voice is counted.

Fundraising Campaigns

Contribute to a future defined by strong leadership and vision.

Community Outreach

Engage with like-minded supporters and spread the message of hope and determination.

Promises & Issues

Governor Ron DeSantis promises to bring to the entire nation the same level of dedication, prosperity, and security that has defined his governorship. A promise for:

  • Uncompromising defense of individual liberties
  • An economy that fosters innovation and rewards hard work
  • Unwavering support for law and order
  • An education system that puts parents and students first
  • A health care policy that protects the vulnerable and respects personal choice
  • A foreign policy that prioritizes America’s interests and fosters global stability

EconomicEconomic Revitalization

Policies that stimulate job growth and support businesses

Health Care Innovation

Enhancing care while reducing costs

National Security

Keeping America safe through strong defense and secure borders

Educational Freedom

Empowering parents and ensuring excellence in education

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